The Short Guide to Summer

The Short Guide to Summer

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, we've got legs. The question is do you hide them or show them off. For a long time I hid mine (they resemble the legs of the worlds tallest mammal... knobs and alllll...) BUT!! In the end comfort won, it's tooo dang hot to keep them covered!

We carry over 7 styles of shorts in the store & online, different washes and fits. What I love about fashion is that SMART brands know women and actually give us what we want. Dear John did just that! We have options, if you want a longer short they gave us an updated Bermuda in denim and modern washes and colors. Shorts that can un-cuff to a respectable 4 1/4" inseam and cuff for that shorter edgier vibe while still maintaining a 3" inseam. Perfect for both mom & daughter. We also have a cut-off that sometimes raises eyebrows at the mention of them, but the Gigi is PERFECT with its 3 1/4" inseam & hint of more skin with a side slit!  Again, perfect for both mom & daughter!

The best part are the separates you put with them! From casual v-neck pocket tanks that can be worn untucked or even tie a small side knot to cinch in that waist (don't overdue the knot, this isn't the 80's) Super chill vibes with an oversized lightweight button down with a little front tuck and some leather slides and your favorite leather choker; to one of my favorites.. a babydoll dress (that might be just a tad too short for my long ass knoby legs) worn slightly undone with gladiator sandals & my favorite agate necklace.

Bottom line is, I made the choice to LOVE my giraffe legs and we have THE BEST shorts to show off whatever kind of stems you have!! 

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