Love at First Tee

Love at First Tee

Like with any true love, once you find it you want to shout it from the rooftops! That's how I feel when I find the perfect t-shirt!! 

It hugs me just right, has the softest touch and supports me when I gorge on snacks and binge watch my favorite show.

Some ask is it possible to have TWO great loves? I say, yes, YES IT IS (at least when it comes to t-shirts). My two go-to brands are..... Z Supply & Another Love (and there it is)

Another Love is new to Twisted and let me say I'm SO excited we decided to try it out! From soft neutrals to to rich jewel tones, solids and stripes, this collection boasts something for literally EVERY occasion. One to keep your eye out for is the Willow with it's super soft knit front and chiffon split back it's the infamous mullet of shirts!

Z Supply is the more known brand that we've carried like 4-eva, and will always have a special place in my dark heart. It has perfectly imperfect variations in color that make it one of a kind. The ultimate basic knit collection, but good luck ever being basic... What makes Z Supply even better is that aside from tees it has AH-MAZING dresses, tanks and even knit shorts!

In closing, while I totally discourage adulterous behavior I give my full permission to LOVE both of these brands and cheat away! I promise you won't regret it!

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