Active Trend.

Active Trend.

First off let me just say, WE LOVE THIS TREND!!!

For two reasons..

1. It motivates us to work out, and lets be honest we ALL need a little motivation.

2. It's SOOOOO comfy!!

and, easy... ok, so three reasons!

When it comes to getting dressed whether it be for the gym or running errands this is the look we can get behind.  From witty tanks that express truth like " Running Late is my Cardio" or  "Feed Me Carbs" that sit over the JAWS mouth. It's all relevant. Pair it with a super comfy and compression like active legging with a strappy or mesh side and all thats missing is the sweat. Of course, don't forget to add the trendy sneaker and you have the ULTIMATE street chic vibe.

Head over to our PINTEREST page and look at Workout. We've put up some of our favorite looks as well as some quick and EASY workouts that we've been doing to help get us ready for....dun, dun, duuuun, SWIMSUIT season! 

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